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About Our Intramuscular Shots

Badger State Hydrate currently offers seven intramuscular injections to our patients: Vitamin B plus Folate, Vitamin B Complex, Amino Acid Blend, Biotin, Glutathione, Lipo B, Selenium, Super B, Taurine, and Zinc. Intramuscular injections are used to deliver medication deep into the muscles. This allows for a larger dose of medication to be absorbed into the bloodstream more quickly than vitamins taken orally. Badger State Hydrate intramuscular injections are most commonly placed into the Deltoid (shoulder) muscle, or the Vastus Lateralis (thigh) muscle depending on our guest’s preference.

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Vitamin B12 + Folate

The Vitamin B12 + Folic Acid intramuscular injection is a helpful boost for an immediate increase in energy and healthy blood and nerve function. The shot will immediately start helping your body turn fat into energy and help your cells regenerate more efficiently.

Vitamin B Complex

B Complex is made up of 6 B Vitamin components including Thiamine (B1) for energy metabolism and boosting immunity, Riboflavin (B2) for antioxidant and boosting metabolism, Niacin (B3) for metabolizing fatty acids and improving hair, skin, and nails, Pantothenic Acid (B5) aiding in energy production and development of amino acids, blood cells, and fatty acids, and Pyridoxine (B6) supporting neurotransmitters and immune function as well as the folate cycle (preventing anemia).

Amino Acid Blend

Amino Acid Blend has been found to help boost your metabolism, improve energy levels, increase endurance and help to burn fat. It also provides your body with essential and nonessential amino acids it requires to stay healthy.


This powerful B vitamin plays a vital role in the regeneration and maintenance of healthy skin, nails, and hair. This is a key ingredient in our Badger GLOW IV formulation, now available as a quick and effective intramuscular injection.


Glutathione, also known as ‘the mother of all antioxidants,’ helps to repair and prevent the damage and inflammation caused by toxins.  Now this key ingredient in our Resurrection Formula, our best-selling IV infusion, is available as a rapid and effective method to detoxify your body.

Lipo B Special! Ends 6/30

This intramuscular injection contains 4 powerful ingredients to help increase your metabolism, and increase your energy level.  Vitamin B12 aids in metabolism and increases energy, while methionine, an essential amino acid, and choline, an essential micronutrient, help the liver process fats.  Finally, inositol, a specialized carbohydrate, aids the body in regulating metabolism at the cellular level.


Selenium, an essential trace element acts as a powerful antioxidant. In addition it has been shown to improve liver function at the cellular level, help prevent mental decline, boost your immune system, support thyroid health, and it may reduce your risk of certain types of cancer. 

Super B

This shot combo is a powerful blend of all the B Vitamin components to support a healthy metabolism, immunity, blood cell and nervous system function, hair, skin, and nails, as well as a supercharged boost of energy!


Taurine is known for numerous positive effects on the body including increased fat burning, energy boost, cellular repair, anxiety reduction, increased mental clarity & increased libido.

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