IV Research

Origins of IV Therapy

This unique therapy was first used decades ago by several pioneering physicians who had grown weary of drug therapies with too many side effects.

In the 1960s Dr. John Myers of Baltimore, MD developed an intravenous (IV) solution that could effectively treat asthma attacks. He used safe, natural hydration fluids with select soluble vitamins, minerals, and amino acids introduced into a vein with great success. Today we have improved and targeted versions of Dr. Myer’s early approach for a variety of health issues. There are countless theories of what Dr. Myer’s IV cocktail actually included and in what quantities, but no one really knows.

Another famous medical doctor, Dr. Hugh Riordan, worked extensively with large amounts of vitamin C safely introduced into the bloodstream through a vein with few side effects. Dr. Riordan, who performed some 70,000 of these infusions, learned that at high doses, vitamin C can be a powerful antibiotic, antiviral and antioxidant. In recent years much more testing has been done and many IV therapy clinics have proprietary formulas in specific dilution combinations used to great health effect.

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