Moon Mend

Menses Relief IV Formula РThis IV therapy formula relieves the multitude of symptoms that can be associated with menstruation.  Ketorolac is a powerful non-steroidal anti-inflammatory great at reducing symptoms of cramps, inflammation, and discomfort.  Magnesium and Calcium also help soothe aching muscles and a powerful blend of B Complex vitamins help boost energy and speed recovery.


  • IV Fluids: Hydration (Fills-the-tank)
  • B Complex: Cell, Blood, & Nerve Support
  • B12: Energy & Metabolism Boost
  • Folate: Red Blood Cell Regeneration
  • Magnesium: Nerve, Cell, Bone, Muscle, & Heart Maintenance
  • Calcium: Bone & Muscle Contraction Support, Blood Clotting Aid
  • Toradol: IV NSAID (Non-Steroidal Anti-Infammatory)

Good For

  • Menses Relief
  • Pain & Blood or Bone Inflammation
  • Fertility Support



This medication is cleared by the kidneys, similar to that of Ibuprofen. We recommend omitting this medication if you have taken Ibuprofen in the last 8 hours.

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