Specialty Treatment Bundles

The best investment you can make is in yourself. Are you ready for the ultimate self-gift of treating your body and mind to optimal health and wellness? At Badger State Hydrate we have customized plans built to help support successful weight loss, increased energy, and detoxification. Our IV bundles will jump-start you towards reaching your optimal potential and achieving your specific goals.

Each bundle features an agenda of weekly sessions that supply your body with what it needs when it needs it. When you’re ready to book, Badger State Hydrate will happily assist you in scheduling your appointments. Call or Text: 608-432-6521


Ready to kick off your weight loss journey? We’ve created two IV treatment series’ that will jump-start you towards your goals. Boost your metabolism and increase your energy with one of our customized plans.



Found yourself wanting/needing more energy? The hustle and bustle of everyday life got you down? Has a recent illness got you down for the count? Do you need more energy and focus to do the things you love? Look no further. Badger State Hydrate has two spectacular energy bundles that will have you looking no further. Recharge, re-boot, and re-energize today.



Looking for the ultimate detox plan? Ready for a change? We have developed a series of  IV treatments to help you reach the ultimate detox, to recharge your mind, body, and soul. Map out your plan, and keep your goals always within reach. Let us put you first, and help you turn over a new leaf.


Weight Loss Bundles

Advanced Metabolic Motivator
WEEK 1: Antidote IV & Super B Shot

WEEK 2: Skinny Dipper IV & B12 Shot

WEEK 3: Burn Badger Burn IV & Lipo B Shot

WEEK 4: Skinny Dipper IV & Super B Shot

BUNDLE COST: $1135 (15% Savings)


Slim & Shape
WEEK 1: Antidote IV

WEEK 2: Burn Badger Burn IV

WEEK 3: Super B Shot

WEEK 4: Skinny Dipper IV

BUNDLE COST: $737 (15% Savings)


Energy Bundles

Jump Around
WEEK 1: Antidote IV

WEEK 2: Pregame Punch IV

WEEK 3: Professor’s Potion IV

WEEK 4: Fix Elixir IV

BUNDLE COST: $864 (15% Savings)


ReCharge ReBoot ReStart
WEEK 1: Antidote IV

WEEK 2: Super B Shot

WEEK 3: Fix Elixir IV

WEEK 4: Super B Shot

BUNDLE COST: $645 (15% Savings)


Detox Bundles

Ultimate Detox
WEEK 1: Antidote IV

WEEK 2: Fix Elixir IV

WEEK 3: Immunity Blast IV

WEEK 4: Professor’s Potion IV

BUNDLE COST: $941 (15% Savings)


Detox Your Mind & Body
WEEK 1: Antidote IV

WEEK 2: Glutathione Shot

WEEK 3: Immunity Blast IV

WEEK 4: Taurine Shot

BUNDLE COST: $628 (15% Savings)


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