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Morpheus8 is a minimally invasive procedure that combines two innovative technologies to provide skin tightening and body contouring. Morpheus8 uses micro-needling and radiofrequency energy at different depths in the skin to stimulate collagen production, reduce fat, and decrease the appearance of cellulite.

By targeting the deeper layers of the skin, tissues of the face and body can be remodeled and contoured, resulting in a more radiant and youthful appearance. Penetration deep into the skin and fat results in a more desirable smooth and sleek appearance.

Morpheus8 is used anywhere that can benefit from resurfacing and subdermal renewal. Resurfacing treatments include wrinkle reduction, acne scar removal, and more. The most commonly treated areas include the face, neck, abdomen, thighs, back, and buttocks.

When used on the face, Morpheus8 is most commonly used to improve skin texture and to even out skin tone. Morpheus8 is sought after to effectively diminish fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, and forehead, resulting in visibly smoother and tighter skin. Morpheus8 is used to correct sun damage, treat hyperpigmentation, and effectively treat acne by reducing oil gland activity and minimizing the appearance of acne scars.

When used on the body, Morpheus8 helps to lift and tighten loose skin on the abdomen, neck, chin, and jowls. And, to help break down scar tissue and fade stretch marks, resulting in firmer and more elastic skin for areas such as the abdomen, buttocks, breasts, and thighs.

All Morpheus treatments require 60 minutes of numbing pre-treatment. No exceptions. All treatments range from 30-90 minutes depending on the area treated and sensitivity.

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Three treatments, one month apart, are required for optimal visual results. Pricing is per treatment or bundled together at discounted cost. The pricing indicated below is formatted as: THREE Treatment Cost (SINGLE Treatment Cost).

Morpheus8 – FACE

FACE: $3,000 ($1,200)

FACE & NECK: $3,500 ($1,500)

NECK: $1,300 ($500)

NECK & CHEST: $2,000 ($800)

CHEST: $1,300 ($500)

RESURFACING (Textural Concerns, Wrinkles, Acne Scars, etc)

Face: $2,000 ($750)

Face & Neck: $2,700 ($950)

Neck: $1,500 ($600)


Around Eyes: $1,200 ($450)

Eyes & Mouth: $2,200 ($1,000)

Around Mouth: $1,200 ($450)

ADD ON: Platelet-Rich Plasma

Add Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) to your Morpheus8 face, neck, or chest treatment to optimize results and reduce healing time. PRP contains a variety of growth factors and beneficial proteins providing powerful skin-healing effects. A small sample of your blood is drawn and spun in a centrifuge to separate out the plasma. The PRP is then applied following your treatment. Session Cost: $300

Morpheus8 – BODY

SMALL AREA < 4″x 10″


LARGE AREA < 8″x 11″



How many Morpheus8 sessions are recommended?

During your consultation, we will recommend the optimal number of sessions to be performed based on your personal treatment goals. Typical treatment plans recommend 3-5 sessions spaced 4-6 weeks apart for optimal results.

How quickly can I expect results following Morpheus8 treatment(s)?

Visible results begin to appear within a few days, with the most noticeable results within one month. Improvements will continue up to three months after each treatment.

Can Morpheus8 be used in combination with other treatments?

Yes, Morpheus8 can be used in combination with other treatments for more extensive results. Ask about combining your sessions with our Lumecca (IPL) treatment or injectables.

How will I look after my Morpheus8 treatment?

Morpheus8 treatments require minimal downtime. You may see redness, micro lesions, and possibly bruising to some areas for a few days after the treatment, depending on treatment parameters and areas affected.

What kind of post-procedure care is required for Morpheus8?

Patients should use only the recommended moisturizer to the treatment area and avoid direct sun exposure for several days after treatment. It is recommended that you wait until day 4 to resume your normal routine care including make-up. Starting on day 4 be sure to use a broad spectrum sunscreen every day.

When can I put make-up on after Morpheus8 treatment(s)?

For best skincare post treatment you want your skin to be able to breathe and heal. Refrain from using your typical moisturizers, make-up, or products until day 4 after treatment.

What is the benefit of Radiofrequency Energy?

Radiofrequency (RF) energy is a scientifically proven method to remodel and rebuild collagen. It is minimally invasive, using a matrix of micro pins to renew the deeper layers of the skin with almost no patient downtime.

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