Ultra Sport Revival

Have you just finished a grueling sports event, and you’re feeling it? We have the formula for you! Our Ultra Sport Revival IV formula is built to help you bounce back after intense athletic output! We start with IV hydration and electrolyte replenishment and then reload multiple indispensable vitamins undoubtedly lost in the struggle. Finally, we add our Amino Acid blend, which aids in muscle growth and repair.


  • IV Fluids: Hydration (Fills-the-tank)
  • B Complex: Cell, Blood & Nerve Support
  • B12: Metabolism & Energy Boost
  • Magnesium: Nerve, Cell, Bone, Muscle, & Heart Maintenance
  • Glutathione: Tissue Repair, Immune & Liver Fortification
  • Amino Blend: Increased Blood Flow, Vasodilation, Muscle Building & Maintenance

Good For

  • Athletic Event Recovery
  • Physical Injury Rehabilitation
  • Physical Support & Maintenance
How soon after my race or workout should I receive my IV treatment?

Our Ultra Sport Revival IV works to replenish your body following intense physical excursion. The ideal scenario would be to get your recovery IV within just a few hours of the race or workout to clear lactic acid, rehydrate and re-dose the vitamins and nutrients necessary for recovery.

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