Pregame Punch

Gearing up for an important event?  Whether athletic, social, or mental, this is the formula for you.  The ideal amount of fluids and electrolytes are combined with B complex vitamins which supply a dynamic energy boost. Taurine is also included as it calms the nervous system while aiding your mental and physical muscles in absorbing the fuel (glucose) they need to perform.  Finally, we add our blend of 6 amino acids, which will assist in building and reviving muscles and nerves.


  • IV Fluids: Hydration (Fills-the-tank)
  • B Complex: Cell, Blood & Nerve Support
  • B12: Metabolism & Energy Boost
  • Amino Blend: Increased Blood Flow, Vasodilation, Muscle Building & Maintenance
  • Taurine: Calms Stress, Boosts Energy & Mental Acuity

Good For

  • Pre-Workout Boost
  • Physical Event Groundwork
  • Social or Mental Challenge Prep
How long before my event should I receive my IV treatment?

Our Pregame Punch IV works to support body function on many levels. Ideally you would want to receive treatment 24 hours before your event to realize maximum benefits. However, a broader range of treatment time from 6 to 72 hours before the race will still provide great benefits.

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