Hair/Skin/Nail Formula – Formulated for the Gorgeous Ladies (and Lads) of Wisconsin, this cocktail was built specifically to brighten and strengthen your Integumentary system: your nails, skin, and hair. Your integumentary system is constantly growing; replacing itself, and therefore requires high levels of high-quality ingredients to stay supple, stretchy, and youthful. We combine B complex vitamins, folic acid, and B12 which aid in transporting nutrients to the far reaches of your extremities and follicles. Biotin is known to specifically help with integumentary restoration. Next, vitamin C and glutathione are both powerful antioxidants that help with cellular repair.  Finally, we add our specific amino acid blend – cellular building blocks that optimize repair at the most essential level.


  • IV Fluids: Hydration (Fills-the-tank)
  • B Complex: Cell, Blood & Nerve Support
  • B12: Metabolism & Energy Boost
  • Amino Blend: Increased Blood Flow, Vasodilation, Muscle Building & Maintenance
  • Glutathione: Tissue Repair, Immune & Liver Fortification
  • Biotin: Hair, Skin, & Nail Strengthening, Eyes, Liver, & Nerve Support
  • Vitamin C: Building Neurotransmitters, Wound Healing, Collagen Building

Good For

  • Beauty & Youth Maintenance
  • Brittle Nails
  • Thinning Hair
  • Beauty Boost

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