IV treatment for Pain Relief, Exercise Elevation, Hair/Skin/Nail Support, and more! Badger State Hydrate offers an impressive menu of IV formulas to support all of our wonderful customers. Looking for a good starter IV? First-time visitors often go with one of our Tier Two formulas. Further down the list, you’ll find our more advanced IVs under Tier Five, and our elite IVs under Tier Six. Don’t see exactly what you’re looking for? We’re happy to customize an IV formula just for you. Give us a call at 608-432-6521.


BASIC BADGERIsotonic hydrating fluids… $89 (500CC) & $99 (1000 CC)

TIER TWO – $199

HUNG. OVER. BADGER.Hangover relief formula  *Includes pain reliever

BREAK THE ACHEMigraine & pain relief formula  *Includes pain reliever

MOON MEND – Menses relief formula  *Includes pain reliever

PREGAME PUNCHIntro-level wellness and recovery formula for physical, mental, and social challenges!

BURN BADGER BURN – Metabolism and energy boost to encourage calorie burn


PROFESSOR’S POTIONNervous system revitalizer and Brain boosting formula

MEDICAL RECOVERYChemo or Radiation Therapy support formula

ULTRA SPORT REVIVAL – Athletic event replenishment formula for before or after

TIER FOUR – $289

BADGER GLOW – Hair, skin, & nail formula

IMMUNITY BLAST – Immune system support formula

RESURRECTION – Full-spectrum revitalizing formula  *Includes pain reliever

TIER FIVE – $369

ANTIDOTE – Ultimate detox formula

SKINNY DIPPER w/ NAD+ – Ultimate energy boosting and metabolism formula

FIX ELIXIR w/ NAD+ – Ultimate brain & body rebuilding formula

TIER SIX – $429

PAT’S ELITE ATHLETE w/ NAD+ – Ultimate athletic recovery formula


NAD+ – Next-generation IV Additive available in 2, 4 & 8 hour treatments… $459 (250mg), $749 (500mg), $999 (1000mg)

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