Advanced Weight Loss

Four Spectacular Options

Badger State Hydrate offers a number of different weight control treatments for your consideration. Whether you’re looking to augment a recent or upcoming Bariatric procedure, searching for the right IV plan to motivate your metabolism, or curious about a Semaglutide treatment schedule. We have the options, and the desire to help empower you to succeed.


Give yourself the boost you need to turn the corner with a Badger State Hydrate Intramuscular Shot or specially tailored IV formula.


We’ve created two IV treatment series’ that will jump-start you toward your goals. Boost your metabolism and increase your energy with one of our customized plans.


Our Bariatric surgery programs are crafted to deliver the support your body needs at the appropriate moment in your journey. Explore our Bariatric Preparation, Recovery, and/or Maintenance plans!


Allow Badger State Hydrate to guide you through the safest administration of this FDA-approved injectable to help manage food cravings and, with your exercise program, encourage weight loss.

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