Fix Elixir w/ NAD+

Fix Elixir with NAD+ combines this powerful coenzyme with other important nutrients aimed at optimizing the healing properties of our entire body, especially our nervous systems! Normal levels of NAD+ in the body is essential to the normal functioning and survival of cerebral neurons. An NAD+ IV infusion helps activate your brain’s neural function by helping cells regenerate and protecting them against damage. This results in increased mental cognition, better mental clarity, higher concentration, and enhanced memory function. NAD+ has also been shown to aid in DNA repair, improve metabolism, reduce inflammation and aid in fighting infections-all of which help our bodies perform at optimal levels! In addition to NAD+, we include 6 different B vitamins, including B12, to promote overall cellular health. We add Taurine, which improves cognition and mood while helping to repair and grow neurons. Finally we add Biotin and Glutathione, both powerful antioxidants that aid in slowing cellular damage and speeding recovery.


  • IV Fluids: Hydration (Fills-the-tank)
  • B Complex: Cell, Blood & Nerve Support
  • B12: Metabolism & Energy Boost
  • Biotin: Hair, Skin, & Nail Strengthening, Eyes, Liver, & Nerve Support
  • Taurine: Calms Stress, Boosts Energy & Mental Acuity
  • Glutathione: Tissue Repair, Immune & Liver Fortification
  • Amino Blend: Increased Blood Flow, Vasodilation, Muscle Building & Maintenance
  • NAD+: DNA Repair, Immune Support, Balances Sleep, Heart, Liver, Kidney Function, Brain & Nerve Health 

Good For

  • Combat Aging
  • Mental & Physical Health Overhaul

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