Executive Formula – All of it.  Partied all weekend despite feeling under the weather, and now have a final exam in the morning followed by an afternoon triathlon?  This is your formula.  Maybe the in-laws are coming this afternoon for the week accompanied by their emotional support pony?  This is your formula.  Packed with anti-inflammatory and anti-nausea medications along with 7 different vitamins and 6 amino acids, this formula helps repair multiple different organ systems.  We also include taurine–a powerful antioxidant that also calms nerves.


  • IV Fluids: Hydration (Fills-the-tank)
  • B Complex: Cell, Blood, & Nerve Support
  • B12: Energy & Metabolism Boost
  • Glutathione: Tissue Repair, Immune & Liver Fortification
  • Amino Blend: Increased Blood Flow, Vasodilation, Muscle Building & Maintenance
  • Taurine: Calms Stress, Boosts Energy & Mental Acuity
  • Zofran: Anti-Nausea: Serotonin Blocker
  • Toradol: IV NSAID (Non-Steroidal Anti-Infammatory)

Good For

  • Hangover
  • Flu Recovery
  • General Health Overhaul



This medication is cleared by the kidneys, similar to that of Ibuprofen. We recommend omitting this medication if you have taken Ibuprofen in the last 8 hours.

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